While I was reviewing the latest research on prostate cancer, the majority were on different surgical techniques, medications, and radiotherapy. But I stumbled upon an interesting research on yoga!

As we know, yoga is the practice of isometric exercises, breath control and mindfulness activities. It has been established to improve quality of life in a few cancers.  But there is very little research on how yoga may affect men with prostate cancer. In this small randomized trial, 30 men with localized prostate cancer planned for prostate surgery were divided into 2 groups of 15. Half of them started yoga before and continued post surgery while the other half did not start yoga. The yoga comprised of 60 minute sessions twice a week.

The yoga group showed improvements in well-being, social well-being and sexual function.

Interestingly, they also showed increased anti-tumor activity and reduced inflammation.

This is a preliminary study, but it shows interesting results from an intervention that does not involve the use of any drugs. Importantly, there are really no downsides to practicing yoga.

I am going to be recommending yoga for all my patients undergoing surgery for the prostate and probably to all my patients with prostate cancer.

A phase 2 randomized clinical trial of yoga in men with prostate cancer, AUA 2021.


Dr Tan Yung Khan


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