Optimizing Men's Health Through Diet and Lifestyle Modifications
As men become more health conscious, more attention has been given to Men’s Health. It is crucial and useful for men to understand their health risks and the impact of lifestyle choices on their health. As always, prevention is better than cure.
Men consume alcohol and smoke more frequently than their women counterparts. This lifestyle habit can result in severe health implications ranging from cardiovascular diseases to liver problems. This coupled with the dietary choices of men who tend to consume more dairy products and red meat puts them at higher risk of developing health issues towards the later years of their lives. On average, men are currently expected to live 5 years fewer than women. The life expectancy of Singaporean males is 80.7 years compared to 85.2 years for females.
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) which is the persistent inability to achieve or sustain penile erection, becomes more prevalent with age, affecting approximately 40% of men at 40 years of age, and up to 70% of men at 70 years of age. Erectile dysfunction could also be a marker for silent coronary artery disease. It is known to precede coronary artery disease (CAD) in about two-thirds of the time, with the time interval from onset of ED to CAD symptoms being 2-3 years and a major cardiovascular event like a heart attack or stroke being 3-5 years.
Keeping healthy has never been more important. Besides regular health screening, men should consider adjusting their diet to consume less red meat and less alcohol. Reducing or quitting smoking entirely will markedly improve their cardiovascular health. Supervised exercises lasting 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity 4 times a week can result in better vascular health. This form of weekly aerobic exercise for 6 months has been shown to decrease erectile problems especially in men with metabolic syndrome. So stay informed, stay fit!
Dr Jonathan Teo

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