Get to know our doctors

Getting to know our doctors and their fellowships

In the next few blog posts, we will find out more about our doctors at Urohealth Medical Clinic. Doctors go through years of training in order to be competent and qualified to meet your medical needs. Specialists go through fellowship training as part of their specialty training. It is sort of like an apprenticeship. But a very tough one! During fellowship, the doctor follows a specialist closely to train in a subspecialty. The doctor is called a fellow during their training. Our Urologists in Urohealth Medical Clinic are fellowship trained. Find out where they did their fellowship and more fun facts in this series where we get to know our doctors better.
To start the ball rolling, we will learn more about Dr Tan Yung Khan in this post. Dr Tan is one of the few specialists who did not 1 but 2 fellowships!
Dr Tan Yung Khan

Why did you choose to specialize in Urology?

It is a nice mix of medicine and surgery and often at the forefront in the adoption of new techniques and technology, for example, laser and robotics.

Where was your fellowship?

UT Southwestern in Dallas and Columbia Medical Centre in New York.

What was your fellowship training in?

Minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery for kidney stones, kidney and prostate cancer.

What was most memorable about your fellowship?

Hurricane Sandy in New York. It was my first time experiencing a hurricane. The lower part of Manhattan had its power wiped out for days. It was quite an experience living without electricity, water and heat. During that time, I had the chance to volunteer at shelters and food distribution.

What did you do during your free time when you were on fellowship?

I did adventure racing and mountain biking in Dallas. In New York, I was exploring the different galleries and restaurants.

What was your most memorable case during fellowship?

A patient with giant kidney stones in both kidneys. It was a very complicated surgery.

What was the biggest takeaway?

Excellence should never be taken for granted. My mentors, even though they were world renowned, continued to strive to be even better and find new ways to improve their patients’ wellbeing.

What did you miss most about Singapore while you were away?

Singapore cuisine and family! Char kway teow and roti prata…

Any go-to restaurants in the country of your fellowship to recommend?

n Dallas, “Maple and Motors”. In New York, my little neighbourhood cafe, “Buvette”.

If you could turn back time, would Urology be a specialty you would choose again?


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